Saturday, February 27, 2010

Intervention Needed?

The day I feared, my fellow soap makers, has come;
for I cannot look into a pan of frying bacon without seeing rendered fats, which are usually enjoyed by the family pets.  But alas, today I find myself staring, and staring, and imagining, and imagining........tallow, tallow, tallow.  I see tallow in every meal I cook, in every beef broth I make, in every pure lard pie crust I roll, and now..........
the time has come my friends.  I am officially addicted to soap making.....I pray that I won't lose my marriage over this. I am no longer able to share my laboratory, I mean the kitchen.  I find myself working feverishly under the cover of darkness, because I know.....those people (I mean my family) if they were awake and able, would wander aimlessly in and out of my laboratory while I am attempting to make the next miracle batch of soap.  They don't understand.  They can't could they?  They think it grows on trees. They rarely take the time to smell it, let alone understand what goes into it.  They leave them sitting in the bottom of the shower floor, melting away under that annoying faucet drip....drip...drip....  Will they ever fully appreciate this thing we call cold process soap making?  Probably not.  I just hope we can all survive this addiction of mine.  How careless I am to have fallen into it in the first place.  Do I want out?  Hell no! Nothing will tear me away from my lye and fats!  Never!
Ok, that was a little dramatic, but I had to get my point across.  I LOVE SOAP AND I'M NOT ASHAMED OF IT.

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